Monday, May 31, 2010


311 Healesville Yarra Glen Road, 
VIC 3775

We visited Tarrawarra for a family birthday. The setting is amazing, with the buildings and vineyard set beautifully in the Yarra Valley landscape.

We visited the Gallery which was showing some amazing bushfire art, both old paintings and new works made in remembrance or reaction to the near by fires of 2009.

We were there on a Sunday lunch time for the second sitting at 2 in the winery ' cafe ', and tasted some good wines before being shown to our table. I guess you can get coffee there, but in most other respects I'd call it a restaurant...

I didn't order an entrée, but tried a little of the quail  which was nice, but not spectacular. The saffron cured ocean trout got a good review and the charcuterie – pork and pistachio terrine, rabbit rillettes, air dried TarraWarra Estate beef with pickles and relish looked great and was very well received. 

For my main I went for the grilled Atlantic salmon served with a warm salad of cumin roasted beetroot, Persian fetta and capers bollito misto, which came looking a little over grilled, but was actually perfectly cooked. The poached free range chicken, pickled ox tongue, salted beef and root
vegetables with accoutrements also didn't look as good as it apparently tasted. The duck pithivier, salt and sugar cured duck breast and a sweet spiced carrot salad with pomegranate did look good, and was also very good.

The child's fish and chips also passed it's most important test!
It was a great birthday lunch and a lovely spot, a couple of dishes could have been slightly better presented, but overall the food and wine were great. It isn't cheap, but the food, wine, views and setting are worth splashing out for on a special occasion.

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