Friday, June 25, 2010

Sapa Hills

112 Hopkins Street,

We visited Sapa Hills on a Friday evening and it was busy, we got one of the last tables. The restaurant stands out on Barkly/Hopkins street, being modern and more thoughtfully fitted out than most of the competition, including large pictures from the Sapa hills area of northern Vietnam.

The menu was fairly standard, and I wasn't feeling very adventurous, so went for the rice paper rolls. The rolls were a bit smaller than normal, and perhaps because of this had a thicker skin. The stuff vine leaf type dish were good, and I enjoyed a couple, but they were pretty heavy, and I'm not sure I could manage the whole plate.

The pho was good, huge bowls, plenty of bean sprouts and fresh herbs, and a great stock with ample decent pieces of chicken - what more can you ask for.

It certainly seemed a place you could linger a little time over your meal and quite a few people were taking advantage of the BYO, beers and wine were also on the menu.

I'm sure we'll be back and I'll have to try some different dishes...

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