Friday, November 19, 2010

Camy Shanghai Dumpling

25 Tattersalls Lane

I'd read about the service at Camy Shanghai Dumplings before going for lunch. We got there fairly early 12.15 on a Monday, and got a table quickly, but it did fill up as we were there. Ordering took a little while and the waiter taking the order seemed like he'd never seen the menu before, it's one thing to have trouble with the language, another not to know what the restaurant serves!

I ordered the prawn and spinach dumplings in the chicken broth, and Mr Hatch went for the beef dumplings, we both went for the 12 dumpling option.

Both of our meals were incorrectly described when handed to us, but we managed to work out they were for us - it was quite easy to tell which were mine, as they had a distinct green tinge.

I'm not sure if I actually got the prawn and spinach dumplings, there were also spinach dumplings on the menu, and I couldn't detect any prawn! The bill also indicated I'd been mis-heard...

The dumplings were nice, but could have been prawnier! The broth was pleasant too.
We had to find our own tea and plastic kids cups to have it in too, but overall the meal was great value at about $12.50 for both of us! I'll have to go back for the prawn and spinach dumplings.

Update 4/2011:

Back again on a Sunday lunch time and started with spring rolls which were crunchy fresh and tasty.

Mushrooms and vegetables dumplings in chicken stock, with a distinct nutty mushroom flavour coming through.

The steamed beef dumplings were also apparently good...

 The service in general seemed better and more under control, all our dishes came straight to us in a reasonable time.

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