Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jerry's Vegi Burgers - Meredith

I guess this is a bit different to most reviews, as Jerry's Vegi Burgers is 'just' a stall we ate from at Meredith Music Festival, but seeing as we were looking forward to trying the burgers again, I thought I'd do a quick review...

There was a queue at the stall every time I walked past, and we had burgers both nights. Now I'm not a massive burger eater, and have never been a veggie burger fanatic, but these are good. They wholemeal bun, nice fresh leaves, the tasty, filling lentil heavy burger and the toppings, satay with sweet or hot chilli for me all add up to a great satisfying meal...

$9 worth of goodness, and it's great to have a burger that tastes good and is good for you too!

You can find other events they will be at on their facebook page.

The views while we ate weren't bad either...

From 2010_12_Meredith

More photo's here.

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