Monday, January 10, 2011

Ants Bistro

9 Corrs Lane
Melbourne, 3000

We visited Ants Bistro with friends for a post cricket dinner.

Actually we tried Supper Inn first, but we didn't fancy waiting for a queue half way down the stairs... Despite there being six of us we were seated quickly. I'd had lunch at Ants before, but never dinner.

We ordered a dish or so each, the first to arrive were the salt and pepper calamari, which went down well, and the spring rolls.

The dumplings were good.

The Peking Duck came pre-wrapped, probably more efficient, but a little less fun!

The "Steamed Broad Bean Fish" was probably the highlight for me, delicately flavoured and something I hadn't tried before. From the menu I now see it is described as "Wunan style, steam fish fillet with homemade broad bean (grounded and roasted soy bean)", which explains my surprise at the absence of European style broad beans!
We had a couple of other dishes, the spare ribs weren't that special, the others slip my mind.

With a drink each the bill came to $25 a head for what felt like quite a feast... I enjoyed the dinner, although that might have been due to England having a good day at the MCG!

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