Friday, June 10, 2011

Chilli Café

168 Russell St
Melbourne, 3000

We went to Chilli Cafe for a largish team lunch, and sat upstairs. The decor is pretty basic, tiled floors etc. As we arrived some of the dishes we had pre-ordered were arriving, mains at the same time as entrees. The staff were trying, but chaos seemed to ensue for the next hour until all the food arrived, my main being the last to arrive.

The Spring Rolls were a little on the small side but reasonably tasty, and a bit cold by the time I tried them.

My fish cakes were pretty standard.

The Stir Fried Beef in Oyster sauce were completely polished off, so must have been alright!

The Tom Yum Seafood Noodles came in a big bowl, and the soup got good reports.

The Penang beef was apparently very good.

My seafood green curry ended up being red as well as taking a while to arrive. It contained a prawn, a mussel and some fish as well as vegies. The curry was pretty mild and quite thin, but reasonably flavoursome.

Not a bad option for Thai, and reasonably priced. The staff were friendly and enthusiastic, even if we seemed like a bit of a bigger group than they normally deal with! My lasting memory will be the of the older waitress shouting out dish names, trying to find out what we were waiting for and taking drinks orders...

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