Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tin Pan Alley

160 Victoria Street
Seddon, Vic, 3011

Tin Pan Alley has replaced Delizia Cucina on Victoria Street in Seddon.

We never tried Delizia Cucina, so can't compare, but in general pizza's have replaced the previous finer style dining. The kitchen is open plan sitting behind a bar. We visited on a Tuesday evening and it was pretty quiet, with perhaps 3 other tables occupied at some stage.

Our attentive waiter came to explain the menu, which as well as woodfired pizza's had grazing options, which could be selected as entrées. He also mentioned the special grazing options which were slightly larger. In the end we chose 3 grazing options to start with, which ended up being a lot for 3 people! The special of Calamari fritti with rocket salad, aioli and lemon was very large, almost main size, and I had a fair bit of it, the calamari had a good texture and the coating was nice, as was the aioli. The Spice Cauliflower Fritti with Smoked Paprika Mayonnaise was good too, I had a little of the Cotechino Pork Sausage with Braised Chickpeas which was fine.

The Swiss brown, field & button mushrooms pizza, with confit garlic, tallegio & mascarpone was packed with mushroom flavours without the usual tomato element and worked well.

I had the roasted & smoked eggplant pizza, with napoli sauce, Hungarian hot peppers and goats cheese, and both styles of eggplant topping were great - I would have loved a little more of them!

The red wine braised meatballs with smoked tomatoes and mozzarella pizza went down well. As I mentioned before the service was very attentive, my water glass must have been filled up at least 5 times during the meal. The bill was around $120 for 3 of us with drinks, and it is another good option in Seddon.

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  1. The pizzas look so burnt!!! And was still yummy???

    1. The pizza was probably 'well done' but not super burnt... the pictures may not do them justice.