Saturday, July 30, 2011


227 Barkley Street
Footscray Vic 3011

Dinknesh had often been quite empty when we'd wandered past before, but reading Lauren's review tempted to try it.

We popped in on a cold Friday evening and were the first customers for the evening, but a few other tables were occupied over the course of our meal.

We grabbed a couple of the excellent Ethiopian beers.

We thought we'd ordered some veggie sambusa's, but ended up with meat ones, which were tasty, and the dipping sauce was very spicy!

The combination platter was loaded with a big variety of dishes and came with rolled up injera. The beef, lamb and chicken wot's or curry's were all great and distinctly flavoured. The potato and beetroot dish worked well and as did the cabbage. Some of the dishes were a little on the oily side.

The highlight of the meal was the red lentil dish, called misir kik I think, arrived sizzling in a earthenware jug/bowl, had an earthy and almost meaty in flavour and had a nice kick of chilli, we asked for more injera to help finish it all!

The service was very friendly, and helped advise us on our selections and tailor the combination to our needs. All the food and 3 beers came to $47, and I'd certainly consider another visit.

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