Monday, July 18, 2011

Shanghai Village Dumpling

112 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne, 3000

Sat in the busy strip of China Town between Russell and Exhibition, I hadn't really noticed this before reading about it online.

On arrival at around 6:45 on a cold Monday evening we were shown upstairs, but decided if that was the only option it wasn't somewhere we wanted to spend time, zero atmosphere and too basic vibe.

In the end we spied some people leaving when we got downstairs, and got there spot by the door.

The décor was much more interesting in the main section and there was quite a buzz about the place for a Monday.

The menu had several sections, but we stuck to the dumpling page...

The first to arrive was the Chicken and Prawn dumplings with chilli oil in soup, a combination I hadn't tried before, but one which worked pretty well. The texture of prawn was certainly there and some of the flavour was noticeable. The broth and chilli oil combination worked well too.

The fried vegetable dumplings arrived next, which on occaisions before have been a bit bland, but here they were flavoursome, with a fair bit of ginger. 

The texture from the finely chopped veggies worked well too.

We had to try the xiao long bao, which we hadn't eaten before, and arrived a little after the other dishes, they are called Shanghai Mini Steam Pork Buns on the menu. I'm not sure if it is normal, but they were a bit fused together in the steamer, and a couple burst as we tried to remove them. Once they had cooled to and edible temperature these were nice and the soup inside dumpling was nice and the flavours fine, but I wasn't quite as blown away as I has perhaps expected to be...

We were still a little hungry or perhaps just reluctant to jump on our bikes for the ride home, so we ordered some more - the fried pork and veggies dumplings which filled us up, once they finally arrived...

The Vegetable Dumplings were certainly a highlight for me, and would be worth coming back for!

All 4 plates came to a total of $28.50, which is great value, the service was adequate.

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