Sunday, October 30, 2011

Phong Dinh

152 Hopkins Street,

I read about the Phong Dinh replacing the Korean restaurant in Lauren's post.

I don't think much has changed in terms of layout since it was a Thai restaurant we visited early last year. There were a few other diners around, but it was certainly quieter than the most popular local Vietnamese eateries for a Friday night.

The Bo La Lot, grilled beef in vine leaves had a strong barbecued beef flavour.

The entrée sized Sup Sui Cao, had a pleasantly flavoured broth with great prawn dumplings.

The rest of dishes started arriving as we ate our first courses, the Cai Ro Toi, Chinese broccoli with garlic was fresh and the almost burned garlic flavours worked well as we expected.

As can be seen on the sign at the top of the post Hu Tieu Mi dishes are a speciality of Phong Dinh, and I went with the 'Do Bien' or seafood option and dry rather than in soup. The combination of rice and egg noodles were served with prawns, squid, bean shoots a sweet chilli style sauce and peanuts topped with a popadom style crisp featuring an embedded shrimp.

The Ca Xao XO, fish with XO sauce came piping hot and steaming, and was loaded with plenty of veg as well as fish all covered in the pretty spicy sauce...

The service was efficient, the bill came to around $65 with a few drinks. The atmosphere was a little flat and I hope it becomes a bit more popular and gets more of a buzz as the venue is pleasant and the food good value.

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