Wednesday, October 19, 2011


77 Charles St

Touks sits on Charles at the end of Victoria street, in the heart of Seddon. We'd been before for lunch a year ago or so, and ended up there again recently, on an unplanned trip, hence the poor camera photos. The outside area was busy on the with a mix of diners and drinkers on the weeknight we visited, there some spare tables inside though.

We wolfed down the bread served with olive oil.

The mushroom entree was great.

I had the veggie pizza, which had a good top half, unfortunately the base was a bit on the sweet side.

The special prawn and chorizo pizza was good too, but was also slightly let down by the dough.

The service was good and the pizza's were around $18 each. I think Tin Pan Alley up the street wins on the pizza front, but the Touks has a slightly more bar cafe feel, so it does depend on what you are looking for...

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