Friday, December 9, 2011

Laksa Bar - Melbourne

108 Little Lonsdale St
Vic 3000

Laksa Bar isn't far from the office, and I'd noticed the fit out work going on as I wandered past, eventually the sign appeared.

There are floor to ceiling windows to the street and also through to the chef's working in the kitchen with big pots of I'm assuming stock or soup.

Based on a had a quick scan of the launch menu and some favourable noises, it seemed like a good idea to go along and introduce a friend to the joys of laksa.

The interior is modern with a mix of tables for 2-4 people and tall stools at long benches. The services are exposed, walls are bare and the floor is polished concrete.

We were shown to a table and given the short 'launch' menu's, ordered at the counter, grabbed cutlery and bibs and returned to the table with our unlucky table number.

I tried to be healthy with the skinny laksa, made with light coconut cream/milk with vegetables mushrooms two types of tofu, tomatoes, beans, onion, vermiceli and thicker noodles. I asked for a medium level of spiciness and added some of the extra chili sauce/paste provided. The soup was a little less rich than sometimes as I'd expected, but still flavoursome, and it was certainly packed with ingredients.

Brendan went for the traditional curry laksa with chicken, which also contained eggplant, tomato and tofu. The soup looked a little richer and may have been more filling as he didn't quite manage to finish the bowl!

The service was very friendly and efficient, the place feels lively and the laksas are good, although probably not quite up there with laksa king, but it's only a block from the office! At the moment prices are $12 for a veggie or chicken laksa, $14 for fish and $16 for seafood. I'm sure I'll pop in again at some stage, there are a few more laksa's to try!

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