Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ironbark Tavern, Chiltern

41 Conness St,
VIC 3683

We stopped in Chiltern on the return leg of our holiday road trip due to a distant family connection. Wandering around the town it feels like stepping back in time with numerous buildings from the historic gold rush era.

The Ironbark Tavern doesn't quite date from then but both the buildings exterior and interior seem to be from a while ago, with the interior in particular blending a range of era's.

The traditional chicken parma was pretty standard, with the slice of orange on the salad the only hat-tip to the eighties, maybe this just shows how traditional the parma is in Victoria! Anway it went down well.

I hadn't seen a tuna bake on a menu for a long while, and as it was on special for $10 I went for it, along with veggies.The mostly roast veg were slightly sad looking, I guess they may have been prepared at lunch time. The pasta tuns bake also could have been prepared earlier, and wont have me rushing to find it again.

The service was friendly, when the Carlton taps weren't working we were offered tinnies for the same price as a pot ($3 I think!) and the food was keenly priced. Not too much to complain about, but not too much to get excited about either, unless you fancy a trip back to the 80's, whether that's the 1980's or 1880's I'm not sure.

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