Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perfect Break Vegetarian Cafe

115 Fern St
NSW 2534

The Perfect Break Vegetarian Cafe is part of the Natural Necessity Surf Shop on the main street of Gerringong, up stairs boards and surf wear surround you as you dine or sip. You can't see the ocean from the cafe but you certainly know you are near the coast!

 The all vegetarian menu, including dairy but no eggs fish or meat has breakfast and dessert options, as well as main dishes.

Down stairs on the boards there were a range smoothies and juices as well as coffees and teas on offer. I went for a mango based option and it was fresh, zesty and great. I don't often plump for smoothies these days, having worked for innocent drinks while in the UK

After some consideration I went for the veggie lentil and rice burger, the turkish bread was certainly packed with the patty which had broken up a bit, salad, hummus and the satay sauce. It all went well together and was very enjoyable, almost up there with our favourite from Jerry's.

 The bean quesadilla with guacamole and sour cream looked to be both tasty and healthy too and was completely devoured.

We enjoyed our lunch and would certainly make a bee-line for Perfect Break if we are back near Gerringong again.

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