Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Canton Cafe, Kingsland

477 New North Rd
Auckland 1021

Some local friends suggested Canton Cafe as a good place to get together for dinner for seven of us. We arrived and secured our large round table in the already busy establishment and arranged our BYO drinks, apparently this is less common in NZ than "Aussie" as the locals call it. The decor was fairly basic and the table cloths were plastic - a very practical choice! We ordered several dishes to share between the table, after being warned each portion would be on the large size.

The first to arrive was the (half) Peking Duck which was still a good size to share between us all, and came along with plenty of pancakes, which seemed to be more like mini tortillas but good all the same. The duck as tender and flavoursome and it disappeared quickly as we all tucked in.

The chicken with ginger and spring onion filled the hot plate and contained generous amounts of well prepared poultry.

The locals insisted on ordering the special black chilli king prawns and they were black and also tasty, spicy, without destroying the prawn flavour.

Salt and pepper squid featured big pieces of pieces of crisply coated cephalopod.

I only tried a bit of the pork and prawn fried rice, but it was very popular.

The Chinese vegetables with garlic contained a mix of bok choy, choy sum,beans, snow peas and broccoli and provided a slightly healthier component to the meal.

The service was efficient and to the point, not too much fussing around with pleasantries, but focused on delivering food to the many busy tables! The bill came to $25 each and it's a great spot to get together with a group of diners for a lively meal.

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