Monday, April 2, 2012

Kri Kri

39-41 Little Bourke Street
VIC 3000

Kri Kri is named after the Cretan mountain goat and is apparently Australia's first "mezethopoleion" specialising in serving mezethes, small traditional dishes, which are shared by everyone at the table and arrive in a continuous stream from kitchen to table.

Inside the "Mycenaen" yellow painted walls of the interior are meant to echo those of the Minoan palace at Knossos, or perhaps 90's style decorating.

On a visit with work colleagues we had one of the lunch banquets, and the first to arrive were the mixed dips tzatziki, taramasalata and babaganoush which all delivered the expected flavours.

Next to emerge were the "Piperies Xithantes" or thin strips of marinated roasted pepper which had been prepared well.

The third dish was "Calamari Lemonato", deep fried lemon marinated calamari which wasn't all that lemony, but reaasonable all the same.

The "Loukanika", grilled spicy pork and orange sausage, looked a little like sliced frankfurters, but had a bit more flavour.

The "Kotopoulo Scaras" char grilled chicken marinated with paprika and herbs was probably the dish I enjoyed the most with great flavours and well cooked.

I'd been expecting some meatballs or kebabs at some stage and they appeared in the form of "Keftethes" which were adequate if not particularly exciting.

Towards the end of the procession of mezethes the "Patates Sto Fourno" or oven baked potatoes, although seemed more like roast potatoes were delivered, closely followed by salad. It would have been nice to have had these available to eat with the other dishes...

I was quite full by the time the dessert arrived, but did manage to sample some, it was mostly pastry with a small amount of apple I think inside, a little on the dry side overall.

Although the idea of the mezethopoleion is good I found with the types of food and length of time required to bring them out, it took a bit too long on a work day, fortunately it wasn't a problem on this occasion. The dishes were fine and it was good to get the opportunity to try a number of them. It wont go to the top of my list for a re-visit, but I wouldn't object to going there again.

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