Monday, May 21, 2012

Cupcakes by Paolo

28C Ashley Street
West Footscray
VIC 3012

I'd actually forgotten about Lauren's post about Cupcakes by Paolo when we needed some for an event. In the end we found them ourselves and ordered via the website. I didn't get along to visit until I returned the display stand after sampling the goods!

The cafe/patisserie sits among a small row of shops on the busy Ashley Street in West Footscray, just north of Tottenham station, not really where you'd expect to find a cupcakes emporium.

The interior is bright, modern, tidy and clean, and your eyes are immediately to the displays of bright and appetising cupcakes..

Our inexpertly arranged display looked pretty good to my untrained eye.

I was drawn to the lemon meringue cupcake, based on one of my favourite deserts as a child, and the lemon base with toasted Italian meringue certainly brought those memories back. The 'chocolate lover' with its chocolate base and butter cream icing surprisingly wasn't too chocolatey! I did prefer the 'aromatic mocha' chocolate base and espresso butter cream icing.

The classic vanilla with a light and fluffy vanilla base and vanilla butter cream icing was good too.

They were certainly enjoyed and we'd definitely use them again if we need a cupcake fix, or to cater for an event... The cafe also serves coffee too.

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