Monday, June 4, 2012

Breizoz French Creperie

49 Brunswick Street,
VIC 3065

Despite it's address Breizoz  opens onto Gerturude Street, on the corner with Brunswick Street. The name is a fusion of the Celtic name for Brittany, Breiz and Oz. There haven't been many (any?) French restaurants on here before, which is perhaps an oddity after living in France for nearly as much time as I've spent in Australia. I probably first tried crepes and and their savory cousins galettes on family holidays as a kid in Brittany, and then occasionally sought them out when based in Paris, especially when keen for a fast French feed.

We were greeted by the French chef working by the front door, inside the restaurant has some gallic touches. It was fairly quiet on a Wednesday lunch time when we visited and after choosing a table we perused the savory section of the menu and specials board which offered some traditional cheese, ham and egg based combinations and some less familiar options including whole sausage.

I selected a new combination to me, the vegetarian ratatouille, which sensibly came on top rather than folded inside the buckwheat pancake. The galette certainly seemed pretty authentic to me, thin, a little crispy on the outside and with the distinctive almost nutty flavour, and the veggies hit the spot and worked better than I expected as an accompaniment to the the main event...

Brendan went for the traditional ham and cheese and seemed very satisfied with the selection, perhaps I should have waited to take a shot once he had broken in and exposed the content!

We were both still a little on the hungry side so returned to the menu to take a look at some sweet offerings, and Brendan's honey and lemon crepe was almost drowning in what turned out to be mostly lemon.

I went for the fairly un-photogenic home made plum jam filling which was enjoyable and not too sickly sweet.

The service was prompt and friendly, we each ended up paying around $17 for the two courses which in the end left us happy and satisfied. Brendan took a card as we paid, always a good sign he was happy with the establishment. I enjoyed the familiar almost comfort food meal and would happily go back. There was a group of French speakers happily tucking in as we left, always a good sign!

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