Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Le Bangkok

195 Lonsdale Street,

I hadn't noticed Le Bangkok on Lonsdale Street until a work lunch was arranged there. Nestled in the strip of mainly Greek eateries between Russell and Swanston streets it doesn't really jump out at you.

Once inside the bare stone walls look good and the fit out is pretty modern, if not particularly Thai in nature. We sat upstairs in an area that was decorated with large western style paintings.

For entree I had the "Spring Roll Puk", filled with mixed vegetables, fungus, and shitake mushroom, served with plum sauce. These were good but not particularly exciting, and were on the small side.

The curry puffs looked good and were filled with yellow curry mixed with chicken, mashed potato, and carrot.

I went for the Pad Cha Talay for my main, featuring stir fried prawn, calamari and rockling with seasoning sauce, Thai basil, chili, galangal, green pepper, and vegetables. As you can see it sported several bunches of green peppercorns which gave the dish plenty of kick! All the seafood mentioned was there, but the pieces were fairly few and far between, and in general were fairly small, the veggies were fresh.

The pad thai looked great, and I heard good things about the green curry.

The prices were around $5 for entrées and $15 for mains. The service was pretty efficient, and overall it was a good experience, certainly not a bad Thai option in the CBD.

Update: A  couple of weeks after visiting, Le Bangkok appeared in the news due to an overzealous attempt at pest control! So is it good they are trying to keep the place hygienic, or is it a worry they needed to use the bombs and/or used them so devastatingly!
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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I visited your hotel for three dinners from Jan 30th to Feb 1st.

    The orders were not taken properly and the reservation is conveyed properly to us. The staff could not communicate in proper english. The table setup and the serving plates with spoon for the dishes are not there. Every time we need to use the spoon from the dining.

    The Ambiance needs a lot of improvisation and the menu needs more options. The meats and chicken tasted frozen and it did not blend with curries which we ordered. Particularly the green curry was terrible.Nothing had vegetables what you have mentioned in the menu.

    Fried fish with Sweet Chilli sauce and the coconut milk ice cream was the best but needs more effort to make it. The ice cream was not soft and it was breaking.

    Please upgrade and modify a little bit in your restaurant-menu, food presentation, cutlery , Ambiance and dessert.You restaurant needs a better change management everytime.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Hi Ganeshan,

      Thanks for your comment, but this blog is in no way linked to the restaurant itself.