Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mad Mex, Melbourne Central

Level 2, Dining Hall,
Melbourne Central
VIC 3000

Phil had heard good things about Mad Mex and fancied Mexican, so the venue for our lunch was decided.

We met at the branch in the food court at Melbourne Central. Despite being towards the back of the court, and a little difficult to find, it was busy when we arrived. The queue gave us a chance to figure out what we wanted from the menu.

The time was useful as once we got to the counter there was a barrage of questions about what we wanted... Perhaps I don't eat fast food that much, but it seemed like there were lots of options even after I'd selected the vegetariano burrito.

Once we got our meals we managed to find some seats and unwrapped our burritos, Phil had gone for the carne, which looked pretty much the same from the outside. The regular sized offerings were pretty large to my eyes!

Biting into the soft flour taco's the eggplant, zucchini and mushrroms were well mixed with the black beans, rice, cheese and lettuce, sauces and guacamole. Overall there was a reasonable amount of flavour, but not quite the spicy explosion I'd been hoping for... Phil was slightly disappointed the meat too, nothing particularly wrong, but nothing too special either.

The service at the counter verged on to the shouty side of efficient, but they were busy, and we were both new to the place. Overall it did remind me of my one visit to a US burrito joint, so maybe that's a good thing, and it was happily free of too much kitsch Mexicana. For $11 it was a satisfying feed, but didn't quite live up to our fairly high expectations.

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