Thursday, August 30, 2012

Caffe Dell' Isola

1/7 Marine Parade
Magnetic Island,
Queensland 4819

 Caffe Dell' Isola is a distinct presence with in the Hotel Arcadia site. Primarily a cafe it also serves some meals and is open until 8 for dinner on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. There are a few tables inside and plenty more under umbrellas outside.

We visited in the evening to try the authentic italian style pizza's. Somewhere on the menu, or maybe on a sign, there was a note that they don't use pineapple as a topping, which set them apart from the pubs. The menu covered standard and more adventurous options...

We shared a couple of generously sized pizza's. The Gamberoni & salmone featured some great tiger prawns, tomato, garlic, mozzarella, spinach and just a bit too much salmon. The combination was good and base cooked just enough.

The authentic marinara stuck to a simple traditional recipe with just tomato, garlic and anchovies on a slightly charred base. It was perfectly produced and simplicity let the quality of the ingredients show through.

If you looking for Italian style pizza on Magnetic island, definitely head to Caffe Dell' Isola in Arcadia, as long as it's open!

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