Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hotel Arcadia

7 Marine Parade
Magnetic Island
QLD 4819

07 4778 5177

This will be the first of few posts from our recent stay on Magnetic Island. The Arcadia pub, or to go by its official name,  "Hotel Arcadia" has a fantastic location overlooking the Eastern end of Geoffrey Bay and around the corner from Alma Bay. It's a big pub/hotel complex, offering accommodation, several bars, a pool, pokies and a bottle shop as well as meals.

We stayed nearby and ended up visiting a few times as some of the time it is the only option to get food in Arcadia, especially in the evening.

Pub standards dominate the menu, including the Fish burger below, which contained a generous, if awkwardly shaped chunk of crumbed and slightly dry fish. We weren't sure about the inclusion of cheese, and removed it... The burger filled us up at lunch though.

The 300g steak covered the plate, but was a little on the thin side. The accompanying pepper sauce was disappointingly thin and runny.

I went for the grilled fish and chips as a slightly healthier option, but fish may have been better suited to being battered...

 The chicken schnitzel was on special on Tuesdays, a bargain at only $8 that I had to investigate. It was huge and well cooked - not at all dry...

The crumbed prawns and calamari was fine, and followed a Magnetic Island/north Queensland trend for coating things in breadcrumbs!

On Saturday there is an Asian food stall/counter which serves good value ($12 a plate) Thai green and masaman curries, chicken and cashew nuts and a couple of other dishes. These were a pleasant change to the regular offerings and of a great standard, especially at that price. Eating outdoors and off plastic plates just made it feel a bit more like a visit to a food stall/market somewhere in south east asia!

The pub with its awesome views can be a great place to pass the time, and can vary in atmosphere from quiet to busy and louder with bands playing on weekends. The food meets expectations and the service was was fine too. Not a bad spot to spend some time while visiting the island.

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