Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lot 7

95 Flinders Lane
VIC 3000

You can't miss Lot 7 while strolling down Flinders Lane between Exhibition and Russell, with the large smiley sign augmented with yellow and black balloons on the Thursday lunch time we visited. Phil had suggested a visit after reading about Lot 7, and their lunch specials.

The interior is large and feels spacious with the light flooding in through the industrial style roof. It were quite a few other diners around, including a couple of big groups, but it still felt like we had enough space.

We got a larger general menu, but both homed in on the smaller lunch specials flier.

I had the Orecchiette and the hearty pasta shapes were accompanied with eggplant, tomato, olives and basil to produce a great dish. I don't often have pasta when out, as I often have it at home, but this hit the spot.

Phil had the parma which came with chips in a deep fryer basket and coleslaw. Unusually the chicken breast was from a normal sized chicken rather than some sort giant/mutant and the tomato sauce appeared fresh and came with the addition of a basil leaf. He certainly seemed happy with the meal.

The service was smooth, until we received the wrong bill at first, but that was quickly sorted out, and the staff were all friendly. It's certainly a good spot for an Australian/Italian style lunch in the city at a decent price...
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