Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Footscray Milking Station

35 Bunbury Street
Vic 3011
03 90299240

Well it took us over a year, but we finally managed to eat at Footscray Milking Station! The website is extremely basic, there is a bit more activity on their facebook page. We had tried to visit relatively soon after they opened, but weren't able to get a table for 4 on a busy weekend morning.We probably should have tried to come back sooner, but the trek across from mifo, with plenty of other close options in Seddon and chance of not finding a table put us off, very lazy I know.

On the crisp winter Sunday morning we visited we initially sat outside, and even ordered there, before a spot was found on the large share table for us... Despite the fact we were cooling down post Run Melbourne exertions it would probably have been a challenge to enjoy the outdoor table for our full stay. The location in the sector of Footscray between the station and the river with its wide tree lined streets is different from most of the rest of the 'scray and is a pretty relaxing place to watch the world go by, well away from the hubbub of Nicholson or Barkly streets.

The fit-out inside mixes older and new elements.

The milk related items included a few strategically placed churns...

...and vintage milk bottles for our water, this one from the Casino Co-op Dairy

There are more tables out the back...

The menu offers a range of dishes from breakfast through to lunch, with daily specials and paninis up on the chalk boards on the walls.

The coffee is all from Padre, and my long black slipped down so quickly, the snap was a bit of an after thought.

I had the eggs florentine, the eggs were perfectly poached, and still runny, the tomato hollandaise kept things interesting without dominating the other flavours, and there was plenty of spinach and mushrooms with a few piquillo peppers on the toast below.

The order of scrambled eggs on sourdough, with spinach and mushrooms was initially delivered with poached eggs, but this rectified without any fuss in a few minutes. The re-presented eggs were guaranteed fresh and had just right consistency and balance of moistness and firmness.

The service was friendly and slick through out the meal. The bill came to about $40 and I'd rate it as one of the best breakfasts in the area, hence the occasional struggle to get a table! It even staved off my post half hunger for a few hours! I think we'll be more prepared to take the plunge and head over now we've confirmed all the positive stories we'd heard.

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