Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Star of Siam, Port Douglas

1/12 Macrossan Street
Port Douglas
QLD 4877

With its wide open doors and windows, eating 'inside' at  the Star of Siam doesn't feel to enclosed, in fact you still feel close to the action on Macrossan Street.

Inside there is a definite Thai them to the decor, from the pitched roof of the bar to the chair backs.

The menu offers several classic Thai dishes, plus some less common ones and house specialities.

We shared the fish cakes as an entree, which turned out to be a good plan as they were the largest Thai style examples I'd seen, the texture and flavour didn't suffer either.

The veggie and tofu green curry lived up to our expectations with a good kick of spiciness and  the other expected flavours.

The Banana fish or baked barramundi arrived wrapped in the leaf it had been cooked in.

Inside the whole fish was topped with picked garlic, coriander, sliced ginger, and a slightly odd mix of vegetables. The selection of mostly green veggies, along with the wrapping didn't show off or enhance the barramundi but underneath the fish was nicely cooked, however not much different to how we oven cook it at home.

The roti was thinner and crisper than expected, and not so good at soaking up the curry, but still enjoyable.

The meal came to $69 including corkage, it's BYO alcohol only. The service was fairly good although it slowed down a little as it got busier while we were there. Perhaps it would be best to stick to some of the more familiar dishes if dining at the Star of Siam, as the ones we had were good and I'd happily have again.

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