Thursday, March 6, 2014

La Tortilleria

72 Stubbs Street
Victoria 3031

Tucked away from the main street through Flemington La Tortilleria is none the less easy to spot with a brightly coloured exterior amongst the surrounding offices and industrial units.

The side of the building sports a large mural too.

Inside the space is pretty small with the front section squeezed between a counter/bar area and windows into the tortilla production area, as this is not only a restaurant, but a maker of authentic Mexican tortillas, rather than the imitations more normally available. The tortillas can be purchased here as well.

When we first arrived there was a gas flame roaring beneath this huge mixing pot, later I missed the chance to snap the contents being stirred with what looked more like a spade than a spoon!

The entire establishment had what felt like a genuine Mexican feel to it, even if it was a little kitsch at times, including the salt and pepper pots...

A set of shelves were packed with Mexican groceries and topped with a skull.

We ordered some drinks, a Tecate beer which I hadn't tried before and enjoyed  and Margarita, which apparently didn't taste very strong, but appeared from its effects to be pretty potent.

We were brought a few tortillas some chilli sauce and salsa with our drinks which was a great introduction of what was to come.

We ended up selecting a set menu of 6 dishes for $30 a head, and I went for the vegetarian version. First to arrive was the guacamole totopos, homemade tortillas chips with guacamole and the same two dips we'd had earlier, all of which we devoured rapidly.

Next up were the empanadas, stone ground corn dough parcels in this case filled with cactus with cheese, a surprisingly tasty combination.

The third plate featured both a frijoles quesadilla stuffed wuth white cheese and beans and a tostadita de tinga re-fried black beans, chicken for the carnivores,  lettuce and 'crema', both of which were both simple, satisfying and full of flavour.

Finally we received a couple of tacos, beef and pork for the meat eater, with small chunks of meat rather than mince.

The veggie tacos had a melange of vegetables in a tomato based sauce which tasted better than it photographed.

We enjoyed all the dishes we tried, they felt wholesome as well being packed with flavour. The vibe was very friendly despite being pretty packed, we were glad we'd booked a table. The bill came to around $80 with a few drinks and this is another reason for us to cross the Maribyrnong to sample some of the excellent authentic dining options in Flemmington.

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