Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Le Riad Restaurant, Adelaide

314b Pulteney Street
SA 5000

We were out hunting for a spot to eat on a quiet Sunday evening in Adelaide near our accommodation and werne't finding anything pushing out buttons, until we spied Le Riad, right next to The Coopers Alehouse on Pulteney Street. It had been a good while since either of us had eaten North African food, so after a quick scan of the menu we pushed open the big wooden front door and headed inside.

The decor reminded me of Parisian Moroccan eateries with lots of wall hangings, carpets and decor almost to excess! We were shown to a table towards the back, near the exotic bar area.

In the end we both opted for similar dishes, with my selection being the Seafood tagine which combined squid, prawns and fish with tomato, garlic, lemon and capsicum cooked with hot Moroccan spices and herbs topped with parsley. The dish came out bubbling and the flavours combined nicely. The tagines came with rice or bread, and I made an error selecting the bread, as the half a khobz was pretty small, and extra serve of rice wasn't much more substantial and overpriced at $4.

The fish tagine consisted of simmered chunks of fish in a spicy tomato, onion, garlic and herb sauce with capsicum and olives.

The meal was reasonably priced overall coming in just over $50. The service was friendly and efficient and Le Riad is a good option if you are keen for some North African cuisine at this end of Adelaide.

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