Friday, July 18, 2014


367 Little Bourke Street
VIC 3000

We arrived at duNORD on a Friday evening just after eight, it was a good thing we'd booked a table as it was comfortably busy. The look inside fits the Scandinavian theme with plenty of light coloured wood!

Our waiter was friendly and helpful, guiding us through the fairly short menu and providing advice. Unfortunately my camera work didn't turn out too great...

We started by sharing the frites, with mayo of course, as we were both pretty peckish. The bowl was huge, bu we managed to put a good dent in them, and even needed extra mayonnaise!

The (Spanish) mackerel was very much on the rare side, and beautifully tender.  It came with smoked butter and various forms of winter cabbage including a couple of purees.

I had the the pine and mushroom broth, black kale, black pearled barley and pine mushroom. The dish first arrived looking more like a risotto with the barley, kale and mushroom in a low tower, the stock arrived second and was poured over to mix the ingredients further. The flavours were fantastic, and it also fealt both hearty and healthy!

We also shared a side of the winter greens. This was another huge bowl, filled with beans, peas and broccoli, dressed with a bergamot, horseradish vinaigrette, another winner.

The meal was substantial and satisfying as well as featuring some great tasteing dishes and fine work from the chef. The service was great all night and the bill came in at $89 including a beer and a cider. I reckon next time we want to scratch our Scandi itch in Melbourne, we could well be heading in the duNORD direction!

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