Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Nags Head,Woodborough

Main Street
NG14 6DD

The Nags Head sits towards the western end of the Main street in Woodborough, a small, quaint Nottinghamshire village.

Relatives we were visiting recommended it. Inside it was a traditional English pub, with plenty of room for diners.

The menu was extensive covering British pub classics, Italian and veggie options.

Unfortunately the pork was tough and pretty dry.

The king prawns with the tagliatelle weren't particularly king sized... and the sauce was creamier than expected.

I had the sweet potato, chick pea and spinach curry with rice, naan bread and a poppadom. Although not particularly spicy, the flavours were pleasant and satisfying.

The service was friendly and welcoming. I seemed to be the lucky one with my choice of dish, and a one out of three hit rate isn't a good enough hit rate to warrant a return visit...

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