Sunday, December 7, 2014

A La Folie Patisserie

589 Chapel Street
South Yarra
VIC 3141

We were invited to visit the A la Folie patisserie, so we got on our bikes on a Saturday afternoon and made our way over to Chapel Street in South Yarra. The shop front isn't wide, but the brightly coloured display certainly grabs your attention.

The interior is bright and clean with a few French touches. The counter is filled with more offerings and as it was a Saturday their creator Mercede Coubard was in the store.

The rows of petits choux under the counter, they are made from choux pastry, similar to profiteroles and are available with about ten different flavours of filling.

Croissants are also now available.

The lime red fruit tarts grabbed my attention, bringing back memories of my Mum's favourite French patisserie treat of tarte aux fraise.

We sat at one of small row of tables outside, which brought back memories of Parisian cafess.

Our invitation included a tea or coffee, both the skinny flat white and my long black were good, I love the contrast of a slightly bitter black with something sweet!

We shared out two petits choux, the p125 chocolate was contained a rich dark chocolate filling, beautiful and one bite was perfect for me, the better half was happier to have an extra share though! The salted caramel had the perfect amount of saltiness to balance the sweetness, it felt like I could go on on eating this one...

We also halved the macarons, the pistachio was initially sweeter than I'd expected but the nuttiness really came through in the aftertaste.

The passion fruit macaron had the perfect crunch on the outer shell, but the interior was softer and packed with flavour!

We aren't normally afternoon snackers, but the ride had helped work up an appetite which was perfectly sated by the fantastically flavoured sweets. Mercede was a great hostess, friendly and happy to chat amidst the steady stream of customers. We will certainly know where to take friends with a sweet tooth next time we are south of the river. We really enjoyed the mix of punchy flavour and reminders of time spent in France.

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