Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Kaiser's Sausages

Food truck visited at:
Moreland Street
VIC 3011

We tried the Kaiser Sausages (facebook twitter) at St Jeromes Laneway festival in Footscray.

They were attracting a reasonable queue, and importantly were nearby when hunger struck...

...and had a variety of sausages on offer.

I ended up going the veggie route, which was fine with out being inspiring, the better half had a spicy 'duke' which packed quite a punch.

The chips were good, and had nearly disappeared before I snapped them, there had plenty more a few minutes earlier.

Apparently the truck is often at the MCG for footy and cricket. Our food came quickly and was reasonably priced at around $10 per dog, and it certainly provided sustenance during a busy day.

Kaiser's Sausages on Urbanspoon

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