Monday, April 20, 2015

Aux Batifolles

400 Nicholson Street
North Fitzroy
VIC 3068

We were keen to dine francophile style, so headed to Aux Batifolles on Nicholson Street in North Fitzroy fairly earl yon a Friday evening.

Both inside and out the look was stylish and subtly French, without veering into cliché. It was pretty quite when we arrived, but filled up a bit during the evening.

We studied the menu which featured plenty of gallic classics to choose between.  The "Ragout 72 gratiné" featured scallops, prawns, mussels, calamari and crab with mushrooms and leeks in a creamy sauce with a hint of cheese lightly browned. The mix of well cooked seafood with the other flavours was a winner.

I had an old favourite of "Moules Marinieres". There were a few variations from the dish I remember, including the steamed black mussels having one shell conveniently removed and a creamier white wine and parsley sauce. The changes didn't spoil the dish and the shellfish still starred.

The "Steak-frites au poivre" was served in classic French style. The porterhouse atop the fries and served with a surprisingly sweat peppercorn sauce with a green salad on the side. The better half wasn't keen on the soft gravy soaked chips but I didn't mind them. I ended up with plenty of the meet to try as we swapped plates half way through, and I was happy with it.

I went for the "Pitivier", a French pie in perfectly crisp crust containing chicken and crayfish with a hint of gruyere cheese and served with a brandy bisque. The flavours encased inside the pastry were a fantastic combination, and I think the favourite of the night.

The pie was served with a "Salades du jardin" of mixed leaves with a subtle blue cheese and mustard dressin.

Both the waiter and waitress who served us were French and they happily tolerated my rapidly fading language skills. They also let us choose the pace of the meal and were friendly throughout. The bill with several drinks came in around $130. We enjoyed the evening and would happily return together or with friends.

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