Monday, April 6, 2015

Lost Angel Bar and Restaurant

285 Spring Street
Victoria 3000

I visited Lost Angel Bar and Restaurant with colleagues from work.

Its outdoor space is behind 'windows' in a courtyard just off Spring street as it makes the corner with Victoria Parade.

The group of 7 or us were sat in a covered but semi open area to the right as you enter. The main Thai touches were some artworks on the wall.

The crab cakes were different to the standard Thai fish cakes, with a bit more crunch to the coating.

The calamari rings were nice.

The vegetable spring rolls proved popular all round, being small and well executed.

Kalpana liked the fried organic silken tofu, which was shared by the vegetarians.

Jono loves the fried chicken wings, and 5 of us put away most of the 12 that were ordered.

The non-meat eaters both had the Pad Thai noodles which looked fresh and went down well.

I had the fried rockling fillet with wild ginger and veggies as a change from my normal curry fixarion while at Thai restaurants. The chunks of fish weren't that numerous or large, but were well cooked and flavoursome, and the ginger complimented it well.

The crispy pork belly and Chinese broccoli was a popular choice which seemed to be well appreciated.

The mains served with ride were around $15 and the entrees a little less, but were good to share. The service was a little on the slow side. I'd happily head back to try some of the other dishes.

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