Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thai @ Toorak

517 Toorak Road
Victoria 3142

We were across town in Toorak for a gig, and wanted dinner before and Thai @ Toorak was conveniently located with a good score on Urbanspoon, so we decided to check it out. We found the entrance and headed up the stairs from ground level into glitzy and ground dining room, we certainly weren't in Footscray anymore!

The menu featured plenty of Thai standards, along with a few less regularly spotted options. We stuck with the fish cakes for entree, which were generously sized, nicely flavoured and had the distinctive texture one expects.

The roti was light and flaky and not too oily.

The stir fried duck with basil also featured plenty of veggies and chilli! The combination of ingredients was a winner.

I ordered the vegetarian red curry which had a great combination of spice and less potent flavours.

The bill came to $84 including a couple of beers, which seemed a little expensive to our westsider wallets, but the meal was flavour packed and satisfying. the service was a little haphazard but friendly all the same. We don't head out this way often so I doubt we will be re-tracing our steps soon, but I wouldn't rule that out either.

Thai @ Toorak Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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