Monday, June 29, 2015

D Asian post sponsored by Eat Now

68-82 Hopkins Street
VIC 3011

This post has been sponsored by the EatNow website.

We had tried the site once before to order takeaway so were happy to give it another go. The site is simple to use, first selecting your postcode before choosing your suburb and pick-up or delivery, e.g. Melbourne CBD Food delivery, and you are then presented with a range of options of places to order from.

We chose to try out a D Asian, which I ride past most days but hadn't visited, as we 'd have to walk past so many other favourites to get there and it often looks quite empty. After placing an order around 7pm a text soon arrived promising a delivery time of 45 minutes, enough for my hunger pangs to fully develop. In fact the order arrived around 50 minutes later, so pretty good accuracy.

It was the first time I'd had a dosa delivered and it was warm rather than hot, despite the two layers of foil insulation. The onion version of the rice and lentil crepe came with sambar a watery but spicy curry with root vegetables including carrot and a mild coconut chutney.

The Cutmet Aloo was a new dish to me, the boiled potatoes were dressed with Indian spices and served with a firey tamarind chutney. The bright red chunks of tuber were a surprisingly sweet and filling entrée.  

The Kothimeera Vankai was a vibrant green eggplant curry, with the verdant colour coming from plenty of coriander which along with a blend of different spices combined to give a punchy edge to the brinjal flavours.

 The Palak dahl with its lentils cooked with spinach and spices had a fantastic smoky flavour. I'm not sure how to get a good photo of dahl, and this one was on the runny end, which makes things harder!

 The wholemeal Tandoori Roti lived up to my expectations.

As often with takeaway the plain naan had lost something on the way from the tandoor oven to my plate but still soaked up the curries well.

Through the eat now site first time orders at D Asian get 25% off and all orders over $30 get free delivery. The meal ordered came to $30.22 after the discount and was certainly both packed with flavour without being too oily and satisfyingly filling.

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  1. Sponsorred or is it sponsored? Please check your spelling before posting

  2. Well spotted Sally, I must have been in too much of a rush while posting.