Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seddon Deadly Sins

148 Victoria St,

We'd wandered past Seddon Deadly Sins a few times, and although I'd seen positive things written about it, it had often looked pretty full,  so we'd never ventured inside. Heading out for breakfast with a morning visitor who dropped by, we decided to give it a go, and discovered that there were further area's to explore including a court yard and a cosy back room where we sat.

The service was prompt and we soon had our coffee's and the long black did the job. These were quickly followed by our various egg based selections.

The Egg's Florentine were great, just runny eggs, good spinach and tasty hollandaise.


The green eggs and ham looked and smelled good too, plenty of pesto in there!

I'm sure we will be back!

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Monday, February 22, 2010


95 Irving St
Footscray, 3011

When we first arrived in the area  Madhumoti was our regular haunt for curry. It's a cheery but basic place, hovering on the border between cafe and restaurant. The decoration is basic and cheery!

It's byo too, and you even get your own flowers.
Recently we've visited the nearby Taj Palace and Aangan more often, but still had good memories of decent meals here. Last weekend after some wandering we ended up back at Madhumoti. We ordered a lamb Vindaloo, an eggplant dish and a lentil and chickpea dahl, with rice and naan.

The dishes arrived pretty promptly, and we dug in. Immediately we noticed that the curry and the eggplant dish were pretty oily, as you can see from the picture. Unfortunately the amount of oil spoiled the two dishes although they were both nicely spiced and well flavoured. The dahl was the winner from the meal, and was slightly thicker than some and the chickpeas added nicely to the texture.

I'm not sure we'll be heading back too soon, as there are some other good local options, it's a shame as we'd had some better meal here before.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Mitre Tavern

5 Bank Place, Melbourne, 3000

The Mitre Tavern is an English style pub in the middle of Melbourne. Outside there is plenty of space to drink or eat. Lunches are popular here, especially on Fridays in the summer. There can be a queue to order and the kitchen looks tiny with 4 or 5 staff preparing meals, it looks like an impossible task, however on a recent visit the serivce was pretty quick. Parma's and fish and chips came out quickly, were huge and apparently tasty! I chose the lamb rhogan josh special, which carried a HOT warning... The curry was tasty, but by my standards not that spicy, it came with some dry rice and a slice of flat bread. Not a bad meal, but I'd have probably been better off sticking to pub standards...

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


2 Gamon St
Seddon, 3011

Set on the corner of Gamon and Charles streets in Seddon, Sabroso can look inviting when people are sat on beanbags outside, or a little dull when it isn't so nice outside.

Inside there is a long bar along one side of building, one area with high tables, and another with lower tables for eating. The décor is stylish and quite dark.

The menu has some very recognisable authentic Spanish tapas dishes, including patatas bravas. We've tried a good portion of the Tapas menu, and all the dishes are pretty good, in fact I can't remember not liking anything. The prices aren't outrageous either.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

A La Greque

60 Great Ocean Road
Aireys Inlet, 3231

We ate at A la Greque when we were in Aireys Inlet a couple of years ago, it is owned by the guy who used to run Kosta's in Lorne. We had an enjoyable evening there, good food, a nice location and a relaxed vibe.

Probably the most memorable part of the night was running into the owner as we left, he insisted we joined him for a drink. Over a bottle of Melbourne bitter he chatted to us about the move from Lorne and about the restaurant, a great end to the evening!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

1+1 Dumpling Noodles

84 Hopkins St
Footscray VIC 3011

We popped in to 1+1 Dumpling Noodles on our way back from watching some One Africa at the Footscray Art centre. The décor is pretty basic, white tiled floor, painted walls and mostly small tables running up each side.

We shared a cucumber, coriander and chilli salad to start. 

It was fresh and tangy, and the spice certainly built up over a few mouthfuls! We also had a pork bun each, the waiter called them pig buns when he came to add up the bill! 

These were a decent size, and both the roll and the meat were well flavoured and cooked.

The seafood dumpling soup was packed with dumplings!

Which were apparently very good. I had the lamb dumpling soup, a first for me I think.

The soup was again packed with dumplings, which were decently sized too, the broth was fairly basic, but did contain lots of tiny shrimps and some seaweed. I managed to get through the soup, just! It was too good to leave any!

All up the bill came to $27 for both of us, great value!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thai Tho

152 Hopkins St
Footscray, 3011

I was happy to see a different option appear on Barkley/Hopkins street among the many (wonderful) Vietnamese cafe's when Thai Tho openned. We've only visited once so far, and we sat in the small outside area. The menu had the standard Thai dishes and some hot pot options. I had the Massaman curry, a favourite of mine. The service was friendly and informal, they even let me get away with BYO beer, when it was meant to be wine only. My curry was good, and mixed the peanut and spicy flavours well, it wasn't the best Massaman I've ever had, but certainly wasn't the worst either. It's slightly more pricey than the typical bowl of Pho but by no means outrageous. We'll probably drop by again, if we get the urge for Thai while we are Footscray.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Spuntino bar at the T'Gallant winery

1385 Mornington Flinders Rd,
Main Ridge,

We visited the Spuntino bar at the T'Gallant Winery with friends on Saturday lunchtime. It was busy but we got there early enough to grab an outside table to seat all 10 of us. The views across the vines on a beautiful day were fantastic, and the vibe was relaxed.

We queued up to order and shared a full salami pizza between 4, and didn't have top wait long before being served, in fact the only longer wait was for a lasagne. The pizza was a decent size, but not huge, and was rectangular rather than round. The pizza base was thin and well cooked, neither soggy or burnt, and the salami was great, and overall taste was great, if just a tiny bit oily. Our friends enjoyed other pizzas, salads  and the lasagne. Overall the food, atmosphere and location were great, the only negative were that the prices were a bit high for a bar menu. The wines were very good as well, I'm told.

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