Monday, March 1, 2010

Supper Inn

15 Celestial Ave
Melbourne, 3000

We popped in to the Supper Inn again over the weekend, before meeting up with friends. We've visited a few times, some times as part of larger groups. The walk up the lane way off Little Bourke St, after stopping to get some byo at the bottle shop is atmospheric, or is that just a bit dingy, and hard work if you aren't wearing sensible shoes. We headed up the stairs and joind the queue behind one group of 5. It was ptretty busy inside and after a quite a few people had left, and the group in front of us had been seated we were told to go downstairs to get a table. We've eaten downstairs before, and the d├ęcor is even more basic, and the service is just one guy! We got a table down stairs and perused the vast menu. In the end we went for the steamed whole flounder with ginger and spring onions, along with Chinese broccoli with garlic. We didn't have to wait too long for our food, and the flounder was impressive looking, filling a large plate, head to tail! 
The fish tasted as good as it looked and we were so keen to eat that I forgot to get a snap until a bit late! The greens were lovely too, the garlic flavour was rich, almost that burnt garlic taste. It was a pretty classic Supper Inn experience, and we enjoyed it.

The bill came to $44 for the two of us, not super cheap but pretty good value all the same...

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