Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hien Vuong 1

Hien Vuong 1, not to be confused with Hien Vuong (Pasteur), is on Leeds Street between Barkley Street and Footscray Station, near some of the entrances to the market. Inside it's brightly lit and all the walls are mirrored. The menus are on the wall as well. There were a few other diners in the relatively small restaurant.

The owner/waiter was friendly and took our order pretty quickly, we both wanted Pho Ga. It's was a cold evening and having just ridden from the city we warmed up with the standard green tea.

The Pho arrived quickly, along with the plate full of herbs, bean shoots, chilli and lemon.

After adding selected accoutrements we started on our large full bowls. There were plenty good sized pieces of chicken breast, a decent amount of noodles, and a very flavoursome broth. It would have to rate as one of the best Pho Ga's I've had in Footscray and with the friendly fast service, I'm sure we will be back. The bowls of Pho were $9 each.

Update - We went back to Hien Vuong, and I tried the beef curry with rice.

The beef was tender and the flavour was pleasant, there was a bit of spiciness but not too much.

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