Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sekai Japanese Ramen

Footscray Market, Hopkins Street, Footscray, 3011

I was happy to see another new place open along Barkley/Hopkins street in Footscray Market, especially as it was offering something different to the local food scene. Sekai is a Japanese noodle restaurant nestling amongst the mainly Vietnamese and Chinese eateries.

It's bright and modern (well at least compared to some of the competition) inside, and compact with enough people when we visited early on a cold Thursday evening to feel busy but not crowded. The menu mentioned we should order at the counter, but ours was taken at the table and tea was brought out to us in a proper pot!

We chose some Gyoza, which were super hot and tasty once were able to eat them!

My main dish, was the tempura udon noodles. The two tempura prawns were big and tasty with good if  not great batter, the tempura pumpkin was nice too. The soup was tasty with plenty of decent fat noodles

The wonton ramen soup looked good, and got excellent feedback.

Another welcome addition to the area...

...and nice prices too.

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