Monday, September 6, 2010

The Waiters Club

20 Meyers Pl
Melbourne, 3000

This was my first visit to the Waiters Club, and it was good my fellow diner had been before as it's not that easy to find, up a flight of stairs above the Myers Place bar.

Inside the place can't have changed for  years, in fact there was an article on the wall from 1999 discussing how retro it was then! The menu and specials are up on blackboards on the walls.

We had some garlic bread to start, soon followed by the Penne Putanesca which suitably fishy and salty!

The ricotta ravioli were good, the sauce was a little basic and sweet.

We shared some tiramisu which lived up to expectations, with well soaked sponges!

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The bill came to around $65 with a drink each, not bad, but  little more than I'd been expecting, although it's hard to know when the prices are on the 'menu' boards...

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