Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Imperial Hotel

8 Bourke St,
Melbourne, 3000

I met a mate for lunch and to catch a bit of cricket at The Imperial. There were a few others people around while we were there, but it wasn't packed. It sits in a historic building and has eating and bar areas. The menu has some pub favourites and a range of pizza's.

I ordered a pizza, and it took about 40 minutes to arrive, I even had to ask where it had got too. At lunch time especially that seems to be a long wait.

The pizza wasn't bad, the anchovies being a highlight, unfortunately I had to wolf it down...

Updated Jan 2012:
Another lunch during the cricket, this time I took advantage of the 'Steak night' offer and went for the $15 250g Porterhouse. I asked for medium rare, and ended up with a steak that we well done on one side and rare on the other. As I was hungry and again had waited a while, it didn't seem worth complaining about.

Brendan went for the parma which was huge, brought out on what looked more like a sharing plate, he certainly put a good dent in it. Bizarrely the chicken seemed to be shaped a lot like a map of Australia, with a bit of melted cheese for north Queensland! 

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