Monday, January 31, 2011

Nelsons of Trafalgar

15 Contingent Street
Trafalgar, Vic 3824

We visited Nelsons on a Friday evening around 8:30, it was pretty quiet, although apparently it had been busy earlier.

Having heard recently that I have high cholesterol means changes to my food selections. Generally foods high in saturated fats are now  avoided. This was a difficult prospect at Nelsons, where most of the pasta dishes seemed to involve cream. I went for the Vegetarian pasta in the non-creamy tomato sauce. The meal was very basic with what could have been frozen veggies in a basic tomato sauce for $22! The scallop pasta dish was apparently better, with scallops being plentiful and good.

Not a great success, but the menu was really suited to my diet...
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