Thursday, March 10, 2011

African Taste

124 Victoria St
Seddon, 3011

Finally we've eaten to somewhere new in the Footscray area!

We'd wandered past African Taste a few times without going in. Its at the northern end of the Seddon stretch of Victoria Street, and is fairly small.

I like the Ethiopian places I've tried in Footscray, but the everything served on and eaten with injera bread style doesn't work for everyone. It was reasonably busy when we did try on a Friday evening.

We started off with a couple of Ethiopian beers, which were both good, reasonably hoppy in flavour, which I like, one was quite fruity too.

For entrée we shared some cramped/crumbed cauliflower which were nice and some of the sambusas or African style samosas, which were great, a bit smaller than the Indian style ones I'm used too, with fantastically light pastry and a spicy meaty beef filling.

I also tried the stout beer, which was a little milder and lighter in colour than a British stout and very enjoyable.

We shared a couple of mains, the chicken Genfu African Fufu, a gnocchi made from toasted barley flour. This gnocchi was a little nutty in flavour and sauce wonderfully flavoured and just a little spicy. The African Fasting Food was a combination of 5 vegetarian dishes, featuring, lentils , pumpkin and eggplant, split beans, cabbage and carrot as well as beans and carrot. Injera bread was served on the side The range of flavours was great, and there was almost too much to eat!

We had a great meal, and the atmosphere was cosy and pleasant. The service was fantastic and very friendly! I'm sure we will be back soon...

Update: We were back again a week later, and mostly had more of the same - with the addition of the Spicy Fish Tibes, another winner with plenty of garlic.

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  1. Try the Africa Taste salad next time! The very thought of it even makes my 10-year-old drool!

  2. The salad sounds good - will have to give it a try next time!