Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Creatures Dining Hall

222 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, 3065

We met friends at the Little Creatures Dining Hall on a Friday evening, it was already busy at 6:30 when we arrived, but a table had already been secured. The place is huge, and has the feel of an old industrial building, with high ceilings with some light streaming through.

The kitchen is open at the back of the building with a bar running down one side. The majority of the space is given over to tables and booths, with waiters to serve both drinks and food. The staff are generally all very hip, and pretty friendly, just difficult to get hold of.

When we arrived some of the roast pumpkin dip with flat bread had been ordered. The bread was good and the dip tasty.

I went for the spiced red lentil dahl with the flat bread. Maybe we are spoiled for good cheap Indian food around Footscray, but I found the dahl pretty bland, again the flat bread was good. It did fill me up and was pretty healthy.

Various pizza's were ordered, with mixed receptions. With both of the salami, olive, capers, anchovies & mozzarella pizza's extra anchovies were requested, but didn't seem to appear. Both these and the spicy meatball, tomato, oregano & mozzarella number were pretty bland, and the amount of toppings was disappointing.
The prawn, prosciutto, salsa verde & mozzarella and chorizo, sweet corn & feta options were both more popular with their respective recipients, so maybe it's luck of the draw!

Obviously the beers were good, I'm a fan of the little creatures ales, and overall we had a good evening, more punchy flavoursome food and quicker service or more waiting staff would make it a great venue.

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