Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phu Vinh

93 Hopkins Street
Vic 3011

We hadn't been to Phu Vinh before the recent refurbishment, so for our first visit we were greeted by the new modern look. We were there late on a Sunday afternoon, there were a few other diners, but it wasn't packed.

The menu was pretty extensive and varied compared to some of the options on Barkly and Hopkins Streets. We ordered the prawn rice paper rolls for entrée, although we seemed to get the pork and prawn rolls, although we didn't notice immediately, so didn't bother mentioning. The rolls and dipping sauce were fresh and flavoursome.

We shared a couple of mains, the first to arrive was the stir fried fish fillets with ginger and spring onions. The fish was fine without being exceptional, with the odd bones, the veggies were fresh and the ginger flavours stood out. The sauce was a bit on the gloopy side.

The Mongolian Chicken was sizzling as it arrived at the table. The chicken was tender and juicy with the sauce being spicy.

The meal came to $41 including some rice. It was good if not outstanding and the service was friendly.

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