Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vivid Star

110 Hopkins Street

We hadn't tried Vivid Star before and were planning on grabbing a bowl of Pho, which seemed to be offered on the menu/pictures posted over the windows. When we got inside the pho section on the menu had a big line through it, so we had to go for something different. Fortunately the menu was huge, covering a variety of Vietnamese, Chinese and other south-east Asian dishes including laksas.

The Tom Yum soup was offered as an entrée rather than a main, and the bowl was small but packed with fish balls, mushrooms, tomatoes and even some unexpected pineapple. The flavours were good, perhaps not quite as spicy as I prefer.

I went for the prawn rice paper rolls which certainly looked the part and came with the standard bowl of dipping sauce topped with crushed nuts. Unfortunately although the prawns were tasty the rest of the rolls were a disappointment, with a lack of flavour and freshness normally present.

The whole flounder looked spectacular, and the the crispy coating was crunchy and lightly spicy. The flesh was cooked, but seemed a bit thinner than sometimes with flounder. We also had the Chinese broccoli with garlic which was cooked and delivered as expected.

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The service was friendly and the prices were reasonable, and we may go back to explore different parts of the menu, but with stiff competition, it may not be that soon!

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