Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wesley Anne

250 High St
Northcote, 3070

The Wesley Anne on High Street in Northcote takes its name from the church which used to be based in the atmospheric old building. The high pitched roof gives it a different feel from most pubs and restaurants.

We were sat in a booth at the back of the building which was cosy despite the big room feel. Next door, live music was playing when we arrived, adding atmosphere without preventing conversation. We enjoyed some of the range of beers on offer while we waited for our friends to arrive.

Bread was provided once we had ordered at the bar. I went for the Vegetable moussaka with "layered eggplant, zucchini, potato and braised lentils, topped with bechamel", which was served with a garden salad. The dish was hearty, well balanced and tasty, with the veggies still identifiable in the melange.

The roast button mushroom risotto with field mushroom ragĂș and porcini topped with grana padano had a strong almost nutty mushroom flavour and a creamy texture.

The Lamb and autumn vegetable pie with crushed peas and mash kept Al happy, and he'd been concerned that on previous visits the portions had been a bit small.

The Wesley Anne is a great place to eat with friends, and knowing plenty of people in the area, I'm sure we will be back.

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