Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bo de Trai

94 Hopkins St  Footscray, 3011

After reading the some other reviews, we decided to give Bo de Trai a go. The first impressions weren't promising, very brightly lit and a loud radio blaring news in Vietnamese, not great for atmosphere.

We started with spring rolls, which were crispy and tasty.

The Bo Bun seemed to come with spaghetti, but it might just have been the noodles were very similar. The broth had a bit of heat, but wasn't particularly flavoursome, it probably looks better than it tasted unfortunately.

I went for the stir fried vegetables with mock seafood. I had some mock meat when I was in Vietnam and at the time I was amazed at how close it got to real meat, however the mock seafood was a long way from real seafood in texture or flavour.The veggies were average.

Maybe we chose poorly, but it wasn't a great experience overall, and with so much good competition around, I doubt we will try again. The bill was $31.

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