Thursday, October 20, 2011

Don Don

321 Swanston St

Don Don is up the top end of Swanson Street, near Melbourne Central and could be missed from the other side of the street with it's name covered by the sun shade out the front, although the regularly appearing and disappearing queue may help identify it, I obviously caught it at a quiet moment...

Inside the line was in evidence, I grabbed a seat while Phil ordered, paid and was served in seconds, we'd just managed to work out what we wanted to eat from the limited but keenly priced menus taped to the counter.

Within seconds my tofu curry was in front of me. The dish lived up to its name with two generous slabs of tofu sat on some rice along with broccoli, pickled veg and the curry sauce. The tofu was not marinated or flavoured at all, although the curry sauce did provide slightly sweet and spicy accompaniment.

The chicken curry was fairly similar to my dish, except for the obvious...

We managed to hold on to our seats for a while after finishing our meal, but eventually the throngs of people meant we felt we ought to vacate them. The meal was great value, with both dishes coming to under $15! An excellent spot for a quick, cheap bite...

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