Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lentil as Anything St Kilda

41 Blessington Street,
St Kilda,
Vic, 3182

We'd eaten at Lentil as Anything in St Kilda three or four years ago and more recently at the now more local Lentil as Anything Footscray. I'd remembered the meal fondly, especially as it was my first pay as you feel meal, and the whole experience went well. We've found the Footscray branch to be bigger and a little less personal with its serve yourself buffet style.

So we were in the area and decided to test if our memories were right. Things are certainly more cosy in St Kilda, with a couple of tables outside and 8 or so inside, and most of these were full on a Saturday evening. We squeezed into a spot at the back and perused the menu. A chai latte arrived which we wanted but hadn't ordered while we perused the menu. There were lentil and potato burgers on offer as well as a range of vegetarian curries, and we went for two of these.

The eggplant curry had a spicy coconut based sauce and featured beautifully cooked chunks of aubergine which melted in the mouth, but stayed together on the plate.

The chickpea curry had a similar flavour and came with a more generous serve of veggies, unfortunately these were a little harder than we would have liked, and could have been cooked a bit more maybe.

Both dishes were served with rice, some salad leaves and a slice of toast, we'd thought we might have had a naan or roti on our last visit, but we may have been mistaken.

The service was friendly if a little hap-hazard, but that is part of the charm of Lentil as Anything. Being pay as you like we felt we paid a fair amount. Overall the cosy St Kilda style Lentil pretty lived up to my memories...

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